Tara Katuk Sweeney for Alaska’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives

“Tara Sweeney is the most experienced and qualified candidate. She was born in Alaska, raised her family here and understands the challenges, needs and uniqueness of our state. She will be an advocate for jobs, families and economic development in Alaska.” – Kim Reitmeier, President ANCSA Regional Association


Born and raised in Alaska, Tara Sweeney has a unique understanding of our state’s issues. She has a proven ability to listen, learn and bring people together to solve problems. Her policy priorities include:

Jobs & Economy

Tara is a powerful advocate for jobs, families and economic development in Alaska. For two decades, she worked in the private sector as an executive for one of Alaska’s largest Alaska-owned and operated businesses, a multi-national Alaska Native Corporation.

She worked in the public sector serving Alaska internationally as chair of the multi-national Arctic Economic Council. She was also the first Alaska Native Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior, co-chair of the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN), and special assistant for Rural Affairs and Education during Gov. Frank Murkowski’s administration. This experience makes Tara Sweeney uniquely qualified to serve Alaska in the United States Congress.

Responsible Resource Development

Tara has demonstrated experience balancing  resource development and environmental perseveration for all Alaskans. She knows how to steward lands and  work with communities, politicians of all parties and  businesses to get projects built. Tara Sweeney knows how to get things done.

Public Safety

As an Alaska Native woman who grew up in rural Alaska Tara Sweeney understands the need to protect our people and communities in rural and urban Alaska.  Tara streamlined processes and brought national action to the crisis of missing and murdered Native Americans through  Operation Lady Justice.

Equitable Access to Broadband, Housing, and Water/Sewer.

As chair of the Arctic Economic Council, Tara brought tech industry experts, policy leaders and researchers together in Alaska  to discuss the critical need for high-speed broadband across rural Alaska and the Arctic